Work Samples

Sangha, Visa, QuickBooks, Intel.

A quick glance at some of my works for a holistic view of my experience in different project types. 


I led the design of Sangha products that digitalize the communication between schools, teachers, and parents. I worked on the end-to-end design process from research, interactions to visuals for web, iOS, and Android.   


QuickBooks Online

One of my early projects at Intuit was creating the first "wholesale app" experience to increase paid app connections and upsell the QuickBooks' Apps marketplace.

I worked on the MVP experiences with tight deadlines and the ideal vision designs for multiple rollouts. 



I created sale collaterals and web products for Visa to promote their credit card reward benefits.


Intel Security

When McAfee was a part of Intel, I got the opportunity to work on multiple flagships Android products which included interaction wireframes, user testings, and visual explorations.  


Why just a sneak peek?

We all learn and grow over time, so has my process. If you'd like to see an in-depth process, please visit the Intuit Developer project as it's the best representation of my current approaches to solving complex product problems.