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SJSUOpen is a proposal project to re-imagine the experience of pre-enrollment at San José State University, mainly focusing on potential students. SJSUOpen aims to create a platform where students can easily get help and quickly find the information they need. Through the variety of features: search, open talk, and explore, students can engage with information with the help of their peers and pros.




  • Potential students
  • Counselors
  • Department advisors
  • Orientation coordinator
  • Marketing and Communications



  • Parents
  • Family
  • Friends
  • SJSU Students
  • SJSU Alumni
  • Competitor schools


Potential Students

  • High School Seniors
  • Transfer Students


In order to understand the pre-enrollment process at San José State University, our team conducted a variety of interviews, surveys, and case studies. We interviewed SJSU staff and students, community college advisors,  and students from other universities. We also had students and major advisors participate in our survey.

24 Interviews

2 Surveys

75 Participants



Student Services Center and information from post admission to enrollment could be more clear, accurate, and precise. Our goal is to create a more engaging experience by reimagining how potential students receive beneficial information and proper guidance.


  • Information can be clearer and speak to students
  • Student ambassadors for programs
  • Useful self service
  • Info sessions, outreach workshop, and  shadow day
  • Online help center
  • Student to student
  • Clearer path for resources


  • Major department is hard to reach
  • Communication language is hard to understand
  • Students have a hard time getting comfortable with new information and new environment
  • Website and marketing material are not helpful
  • Instructions are unclear to potential students


User Flow



Upon entering SJSUOpen, users are greeted with the phrase “Ask us anything”. Incoming students, parents, and community are invited to post questions answered by a peer or pro.

If users need more specification they can post a new question. They have the option of receiving a text or email notification once it is answered.

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Open Talk



The explore section gives the user opportunities to discover new possibilities within San Jose State from different majors, student life, and general information. Students questions are answered by Peers from a specific major who will speak in the student language when sharing their experience with potential students.


The Story

Vince is a transfer student planning to attend San Jose State in the Fall. He goes on SJSUOpen and searches for the information he needs. He can also post new question if he cannot find the answer he is looking for. Vince sees that he can signup for an Open Talk, live Q&A session, and find out more about the majors he is interested in through the Explore option. 

Credit: All research and solution are conducted and created by Phor—Ace Vu, Kim Karena Nguyen, Vince Vo.

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