Sangha After-School

Interaction Design, Products UX & UI

Sangha After-School


Sangha After-School Enrichment Program is a monetization product that focus on helping After-school Activities Vendors create classes and promote them on Sangha via parents phone and school calendar widgets.


Transform the complexity of flow and density of information to a simple interaction and interface design. The product should also seems like a part of Sangha existing products line. 

Target Audiences: 

  • School Principal and Admins
  • After-School Activities Organizers, Teachers
  • Parents


  • School Districts
  • After-School Activities Vendors
  • Activities Venues

Product Flow

Schools Invite


Most of Sangha’s users are non tech-savvy users, the simple layout of this page is meant to let teachers and school admins focus on the important fields and get the task done in the least amount of time.

The required information is break down into 3 main expandable sections and only display one section at a time as a step flow. This gives the page a minimal feel and helps teachers to not feel overwhelmed.

Organizers Sign Up & Create Classes


After vendors/ activities organizers receive invitation from schools, they can sign up to complete the details of classes that school invited them too. Vendors and organizers can also create new classes (at school or at their own venue). 

Organizers Promote After-School Classes

Once vendors / organizers finish setting up their classes. They can promote them to parents at specific schools to get students enroll. The promote flow has 3 simple steps—select classes, schools, and monthly budget.

Parents View & Sign Up

Parents see after-school activities classes as suggestions. They can sign up, get reminders and fill required forms. 

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